Hello! Welcome to CATs Cafe

access 2F-1-3-2 matsukage-cho,naka-ku YOKOHAMA-shi,Kanagawa,JAPAN
JR ISHIKAWA-CHO Station 1-minute walk【Map】
hours every day from 11 to 20.


Basic Charge(Tax is included)

First 30 minutes:1,100yen with drink
220yen for every 10 minutes extension
《Please manage your time by yourself. We don't tell you when your time is up》

Set Menu(Tax is included)

90 minutes

+One drink

120 minutes

+One drink

180 minutes

+One drink



All time-3,300yen

(Holiday only)

All time-4,400yen

Our cafe is served by the time charging system. It is charged to the time of start to accounts. The time is the total time of spent in the room of a cat, and the room of the cafe. and you need a one order at least (After accounts, you can not use the room of the cafe only. )


Favor from YOKOHAMA"Leon"

Time charging/One order System

 Our cafe is based on a timecharging system.
It will begin at the end of explanation of the sytem.
We ask you to order at least one item before entering the kitty room.


Please be careful about any sudden loud noise or move, because it will get
kitties scarad. So please stay calm and do not make any loud noise.


We are not responsible for any damages or injuries by animals.
We will provide you a first aid treatment.
However, we do not assume any financial responsibilities.

Children under 13 years old

 Children under 13 years old
must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Outside cats and food

 Outside food and beverage are prohibited.
Please do not bring  any animals in from outside.


 We allow guests to bring your own cat toys.


 If you have cat/animal allergies, please comsult a doctor
before entering our cafe.


You can use your cameras and smartphones to take pictures of cats, however, in order not to cats get scared, flash is prohibited.

Please avoid capturing other guests.

Free Drink   ice…Icedhot…Hot

Regular Coffee IceHot Calpisice
Coca ColaIce Calpis SodaIce
Ginger AleIce Green teaice
Green sodaIce Oolong Tea iceHot

Premium Drink  ice…IcedHot…Hot

Café Au Laitice Caramel MachiartHot
Green tea au laitHot Green tea au laiticeHot
Caffe MochaHot CappuccinoHot
Green tea Calpisice Iced teaice
Milk CocoaiceHot Chai teaiceHot
Yuzu-tea(Citrus tea)iceHot MilkiceHot
Yuzu soda(Citrus soda)ice Rooibos/Iced TeaiceHot
Apple juiceice Passion fruit&Calpisice
Orange juiceice Passion fruit&Apple juiceice
Mango&Apple juice Passion fruit&Orange juiceice
Mango&Orange juiceice Mango Calpisice


Earl GreyHot Lemon MintHot
AppleHot Rosehip BlendHot